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The capabilities of a company's employees and the shared values embodied in its culture form the bedrock of its strength. By combining technology with proactive outreach, our team strives to discover the ideal candidate who can propel your company forward.



Our team understands that a company's success depends on its ability to find the right talent. That's why we take a proactive approach to recruitment, leveraging cutting-edge technology and personalized outreach to identify and attract top candidates who have the skills and experience to take your business to the next level.

Your hiring success is our top priority. Discover the best candidates for your business with our proven recruitment strategies and expertise.

"Harrison Gray was an absolute pleasure to work with. They took a vested interest in finding exactly the role I was seeking. He took the time to understand my background, skill set, and their application to my desired position. The service excellence is the best I've experienced and an example others should follow."

Stewart S.

"They send quality candidates and helped me narrow down what we needed and the skills required. Helped us to establish the pay parameters for who we needed. Very happy with their efficiency. They were worth the investment."

Jim O.

"I cannot say enough about how positive of an experience it has been working with Harrison Gray. Excellent communication, scheduling with multiple parties, encouragement, transparency, and overall facilitation was outstanding. I have never had an experience even close to it. I am grateful to have had the privilege of working with Harrison Gray through this process."

Ted N.

"I couldn't ask for better teammates. They personally took the time to text me and call to check in before my interviews. A place like Harrison Gray makes you feel comfortable and structured knowing you're in good hands with finding job that fits best with you. Thank you for all your support and helping me land a job of my dreams."

Ahmed A.

"The recruiting process was amazing. They communicated with me regarding a resume that I submitted. Too often, job candidates are ghosted by recruiters. This was not the case."

Michael R.

"Great listeners and advisers, looking for a win-win situation between all parties. The hiring process was relatively smooth. This is a group of a professional and experienced team, and I advise everyone to work with them."

Nadine E.

"Super helpful throughout the entire process by providing coaching advice for the interview, following up after each interview, and helping me get a great offer. Hands down the best recruiter I've ever worked with!"

Amber V.

"This is a very high level organization. They offer great materials to prep for any interview, and always have your best interest at heart. If you are looking for a role, definitely use Harrison Gray Search."

Matt S.

"Professional, thorough, and pleasant. They found a position that was perfect, scheduled all interviews and prepped me extremely well - there were no surprises."

Matthew P.

"Proactive, courteous and professional. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Harrison Gray once again in the near future."

Dirk V.

"My experience working with Harrison Gray and Consulting was amazing. They helped me find the next job that had everything I was looking for."

Schyler O.

"Adam called me about a position. He spoke to me as a peer, explained why the position would be a positive career move and how it would benefit me as a person. He was engaged the entire time, professional, even worked late hours to keep me informed of the status of my interview. Although I did not get the position. I would welcome any call from Harrison Gray Search and Consulting and would recommend them to anyone who is searching."

Jasmine J.

"Throughout the entire vetting and interview process. Attentive, prompt, and encouraging with regular correspondence and updates. Many thanks for matching me with an amazing opportunity that I would not have otherwise known about. Highly recommended."

Steve B.

"Always going the extra mile to keep me in the loop. This is the first recruiter I've ever worked with and I couldn't recommend Harrison Gray more."

Ryan S.

"The team helped me secure a new job and did an excellent job helping me through the process. Responsive, knowledgeable, and resourceful. They kept me updated along every step of the process and provided me with interviewing tips and tricks as well as resources to help me learn and understand the company I was interviewing with."


"I had such a great experience! Extremely transparent, helpful, and communicative during the entire process. I'm so appreciative of the professionalism and patience. Walking away extremely happy and excited for my new role!"

Leanne A.

"I was looking to move cities and after applying to a job on LinkedIn, a consultant from Harrison Gray reached out right away. They were super helpful through the interview process, helping me make a decision, and negotiating compensation. I am so excited to start my new role - highly recommend using them in your job search!"

Emily B.

"Very professional and courteous. I believe anyone else at their firm would be the same way. Always there to answer any questions and provide helpful advice before and after the interview process. I'd definitely recommend them!"

Jonathon M.

"Adam found my resume on ZipRecruiter & reached out to me for a client he had and it literally could not have been a more perfect match. More than a year and a half later I'm still just as happy, if not happier than when I started. He absolutely knocked it out of the park and I'm super grateful."

Tara B.

"I had a great experience working with this recruiting firm! They brought an opportunity to my attention that I didn't even know existed and facilitated some great conversations with the firm that I've decided to take the job at! It made a complicated process fell very simple!"

Michaela O.

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