8 Signs You’ve Found The Perfect Job, and What To Do If You Haven’t

When you've got it

  1. You’re excited to go to work. You no longer have Sunday blues and miserable Monday’s, and your morning’s don’t start with a groan.

  2. You have a sense of purpose. The tasks you complete make you feel accomplished, satisfied and motivated.

  3. You’re not in it for money. You don’t care that this position pays less than higher compensated position.

  4. You’re willing to go the extra mile. You help with another project, you stay late to finish your work, and you do all of this voluntarily.

  5. You’re not still looking. You don’t spend your spare time scrolling through LinkedIn or Indeed. com and you don’t imagine how much better your life would be if you could just work for this firm instead.

  6. You get positive feedback. Your work is recognized and praised, and because of this, your boss encourages you. You may be trusted with more important tasks, or even receive a promotion.

  7. You welcome challenges. You face these head-on, and you feel empowered when you tackle them.

  8. You’re proud of what you do. You no longer grumble about your job in social situations. In fact, you find yourself sharing whenever you get the chance.


Can’t Relate?

Your day’s drag, you have no pride in your work or company, your feedback is poor, you’re not at all passionate about your work and put in minimal effort. Your satisfaction in your job is low, and your gut is telling you that you’re in the wrong job. The prospect of finding a job you love is attainable and starts with taking a step back from where you are now.

What went wrong? Was it industry or job position? Was it the assigned tasks? Did a negative office culture and atmosphere impact your entire experience? The problem with this past position can act as a window into what your strengths are.

Sometimes stepping back from your position to identify the specific problem is all you need to do to fix the problem. Finding and confronting the issue may lead to huge changes in your job satisfaction. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to leave that position behind and take your talents elsewhere. The perfect position is out there; sometimes it just needs to be uncovered.