How A Recruiting Firm Can Benefit Your Business

When you’re looking to hire a new employee to your business, choosing the correct employee is vital to the health of the organization. Now I already went over the importance of hiring the correct employee in a past article, so how do you make sure that you don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong employee? The best way is to hire a search firm, especially for an important position. In an even earlier article, I discussed the signs you should be looking for that point towards using a search firm. But what advantages come from using a search firm for your hiring process?


The Best Candidate

The most obvious advantage of using a search firm for your hiring needs is that the employee you will get hired in from that firm will be one of the best candidates out there for the position. Search firms have the tools and expertise necessary to narrow down qualified candidates until they find the candidate that is most qualified for the position. As a result, the client (you) will get a candidate that stands out above other qualified candidates.


As an additional advantage, most search firms (especially executive search firms) specialize in specific industries, and thus have knowledge and pipelines built up in that industry. For example, Harrison Gray specializes in the banking and mortgage industries. Therefore, Harrison Gray recruiters have an in-depth knowledge of the industries and can identify candidates that are the most qualified for certain positions. As well, Harrison Gray recruiters also have candidates in their contacts that could be a good fit for the position.


Saving Time

Finding the perfect recruit can be time consuming, especially if your company doesn’t have the optimal resources to recruit the most qualified candidates. Some companies take months to find the best candidate, while other companies make the mistake of hiring the wrong candidate within just a few days. Now I’m not saying that a search firm will find you the right candidate the very next day, although that does happen at times. Instead, search firms can find the right candidate for the job faster than your company would be able to.


How does a search firm complete their job with such optimal timing? By devoting the correct resources and people to your search. By using advanced resources and top level knowledge, search firms can narrow the pool of candidates that are out there for your position you’re looking fill. Once the candidates are narrowed down, the search firm can do what we mentioned before, which is pick out the best candidate from this pool of already qualified candidates. The client gets their employee much faster, meaning they can start sooner and start adding value to the business sooner.


Continued Service

Once you receive the most qualified candidate from a search firm, it’s hard to go back to hiring candidates without a search firm’s assistance. The candidates you hire may not be as high of quality as when they were being found by a search firm. You may spend more time than you’d like searching for candidates, and may spend more in resources and funds than you would like to. These could all be harmful to your company, and can be avoided if you continue to use the service of the search firm you used before. And of course, the search firm will want your business again. They will build a solid relationship with you and give you the best service each and every time. Some companies will even offer a repeat customer discount. Building a relationship with a search firm will benefit your company in many ways, and will provide you with top level employees for years to come.


Additional Reassurance

When hiring a search firm, you don’t have to depend on just them for the entire hiring process. A search firm can be like a backup plan or an additional resource you bring in to help with the hiring process. Thankfully, most search firms operate off a commission plan where you don’t have to pay unless you actually hire someone that was found by the search firm. Thus, you can use a search firm sort of like backup. Your company will continue to search for an employee while also considering candidates recommended by the search firm. If you hire a candidate that your company found itself, that’s great. You don’t have to pay the search firm, but had that added reassurance that you would find the right candidate even if you needed their help. If you hire a candidate recommended by the search firm, that’s also great. Sure you have to pay the search firm, but for good reason. They found you the absolute best candidate for the position, and that will pay off for years to come.


There are many more advantages to using a search firm than was discussed in this article. But the bottom line remains the same; a search firm can find your company the best candidate in the fastest amount of time. Your business is what keeps a search firm in business, so they are going to do everything they can to find the most qualified person for your position as soon as possible. So if you are a little weary of hiring a search firm, or don’t know if one is the right option for your company and its hiring needs, I would recommend looking at these and many more benefits of using a search firm and consider how useful one can be for your business.