Make Your Workplace A Happier Place

For many people, thinking about heading to work when they first wake up in the morning is a dreadful thought that brews a bad mood for the rest of the day. Work may seem like a drag and a place where fun and happiness has to be checked in at the door. But it doesn’t have to be! Sure work may never be the first thing you want to do on a weekday, but it doesn’t have to be a huge drag! Here are some tips to help you make your workplace a happier and more inviting destination.


Make Friends

Friendship is a joyful connection that can shine a little light in even the gloomiest of days. Friends are the ones you can talk to, connect to, share something funny or sad with. It’s like having a little portion of your family with you. So of course it makes sense that having friends in your workplace will make it a lot better!


I can speak from personal experience, or I can speak from talking to numerous other professionals. We all agree that friends are one of the biggest factors in making work a happier place to be. There’s just something about knowing that you have friends waiting for you at the office that makes it a better place. If you want to turn up the happiness dial at your workplace, start by making friends. Strike up conversations, get to know people, ask them about themselves. You’ll find your dread towards work in the morning will decrease little by little each and every morning.


Get Motivated

It’s hard to be happy about something that you’re not very motivated about. Motivation can be hard to come by, and can seem scarce even for some of the most important tasks of the day. You may be extremely motivated to exercise in the morning, but not motivated at all to make those fifteen sales calls at the office. You may be motivated to set up for the Super Bowl party, but not motivated to set up for your department meeting. How do you increase your motivation for your work and workplace?


One of the best ways to get motivated is to set goals for yourself. Sure you may have goals set for you by managers and higher ups, but it’s not very motivating trying to hit goals for someone else. Set your own goals to try and improve your own performance and see what happens to your motivation. Most likely, since you’re setting goals to improve yourself, you will become much more motivated to get to work and accomplish those goals.


Make Your Workspace Your Own

I’m not huge into decorating and I’m sure I’d be terrible at it if I tried. But your personal workspace has an impact on your mood at work. An empty and bland workspace that has nothing more than a computer and a phone is definitely going to make the mood a little more depressing at work. You need to get some stuff on your desk or on your walls, make your workspace feel a little more homey and comfortable.


If you have a family, having pictures of your wife or kids is a great way to make your workspace feel a little more comfortable. If you have a passion, include pictures or trinkets of those. For example, a muscle car enthusiast may have a poster of a muscle car on their wall, or a model car on their desk. Put some plants on your desk to make it seem like you’re outside, put some cool rocks on their that remind you of that awesome vacation from the summer. Some may see this as cluttering your workspace, but I see it as making your workspace a beacon of a little more happiness in your day


Get Moving

Movement and exercise is known to make people feel better and happier. After you exercise continuously for a few weeks, you will tend to feel more energized, healthier, and simply better overall. This is definitely a mood booster that can increase your happiness a lot. Of course, unless you work at a gym, it is hard to find the time to get up and get moving. Not to worry though, there are office exercises you can do to get moving a little more during the work day.


Everybody has a break at sometime. While breaks are definitely a good time to get something to eat and to relax, they can also be used to move around a little. You can take a walk around outside if it’s a nice day, or inside around the building if it’s in the dead of winter. A lot of companies have company gyms that include exercise rooms, basketball courts, and even racquetball courts. It may be worthwhile to get to the office a little early or stay a little late to get a good work out in.


Do What You Like

Let’s face it, most of us have jobs that aren’t oh so exciting. And unfortunately, there’s just nothing that we can do to change that. No trick or gimmick will change our work into that of a movie star or of an NFL running back. Sure we can do things to get us more motivated about work, but actually making our work fun and enjoyable may be impossible. So how do we make our workplace happy if our work is the thing holding us back from it?


The answer is simple: take breaks for what you like. Do you like writing? Take breaks throughout the workday to get some writing done. Do you love sports? Take a few breaks to catch up on scores and highlights from the game you had to miss last night. Do you love music? Pop in some earbuds on break or during work (if you can) and jam out while being productive. Now granted you don’t want your breaks to be so long that you become unproductive, but a quick break here and there to do something for yourself might actually boost your productivity.


Happiness is an essential part to both your health and your life. Don’t let your work suck your happiness away from you; follow these tips I have provided and you’ll wake up with a new motivation and excitement for the job ahead!