Is It Time To Go Back To School?

Everybody is in a different position in life, especially when it comes to education. Some people did not go to college, some went for a little bit but didn’t finish, and some finished their Bachelor’s but not their Master’s. There are even many who have finished their Master’s, but are regretting not continuing through their Doctorate’s. No matter where you are on the education spectrum, it may be worthwhile to go back to school and further your education. But will that degree really justify all of the extra time, money, and stress spent on pursuing it?


One of the most common reasons to pursue a higher degree is in order to qualify for a promotion at your current place of work. We’ve all heard of companies that will pay for your education while you work for them in order to get you into a higher position in the company, and many of us may even work for these companies. If that is the case, then it is very wise to take full advantage of this opportunity and go back to school part time. If your company does not offer to pay for your schooling, but you know a higher degree could get you a promotion at that company, it would still be wise to pursue that degree even at your own expense. The costs for the degree will most likely be made up by the extra benefits that come from the promotion.


Another reason to pursue a higher degree is if you are looking to acquire a new position with a different company in the near future. Most of the time, when one is looking for a new job with a different company, they are looking for a job that is higher status than the last one they are at. Of course, a higher status job comes with more requirements, and while a lot of experience is definitely beneficial, including a higher degree will definitely improve your chances of getting a new job. If you browse LinkedIn or Indeed and look at some of the job requirements, you will see that the higher up positions that require a lot of experience also most of the time require  Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. In order to even contend for these jobs, you will need the degree. And if you want to beat out the competition, getting a degree that is higher than necessary will definitely give you an advantage.


While these work requirements are definitely the main reasons to pursue a higher education, you also need to consider if you have enough time to go back to school. Many people have a family with young kids, a hobby that requires dedication, or even multiple jobs. Time is not available for a lot of people to take a few classes each year, and that’s okay. Education is not the biggest priority in life, and if there are more important things that you should be focusing your time on, then by all means focus on those things. But if you find yourself bored and watching six hours of Sports Center after work every night, then perhaps you have some time to spare to go to a few classes each year. There are many ways you can fit class into your life. There are night classes that start at a time that doesn’t interfere with regular 9-5 work hours. There are online classes that are very flexible with schedules, and can be completed at any hour of the day. If you work irregular hours outside of a 9-5, there are regular classes at all hours of each day. If you sign up early, you can pick a time that is very convenient for your schedule for the next two to four months. If you have the time, there are plenty of options to get into a class and get working on your degree.


I mentioned before that getting a higher degree will help when you’re on the hunt for a new job. But what if you’re not the hunt for  new job right now? What if you’re pretty comfortable at your new job and really don’t see yourself going anywhere anytime soon? You should still pursue that higher degree, simply to pad your resume. But why do you need to pad your resume if you’re happy where you are? Because you may not be happy there in the future. If you are young and fresh in the workforce, you have 30 or 40 years of work ahead of you. You may be happy where you are now, but see if you’ll still be happy there in even 5 years. As you begin to become miserable and unhappy with the job you’re in, you’ll want to look for a new job or a new position in the company. But that’ll be very difficult to nearly impossible in most industries without a higher education degree. If you want to give yourself more opportunities in the future, then a higher degree is what you will need.


All of these reasons I have given are excellent reasons to go back and finish a degree, but the best reason to do it is because you feel that it is the right thing to do. If you are feeling the urge to go back and get your degree, if you feel that it is time to finish what you have or have not started, then you should listen to your conscious and complete that degree. It is always a good thing to complete your degree, and if you’re feeling an urge to get it done, then it’s time to get it done. That degree will benefit you in many ways both currently and in the future, and most people know that they should finish it up. When you’re feeling the urge to finish it up, then you know it’s time.


A degree will help further your career in many different ways, and it is very important that you further your education if you are to further your career. There may be obstacles in your way, there may be people telling you you can’t or shouldn’t pursue that degree. But there is nothing that can stop you if you are determined to get that degree and change your career to better your life.