The Best Qualities To Look For In New Recruits

Trying to fill a new position is always tough, especially if your company is fairly new and doesn’t have much hiring experience. You may know the specifics of what you’re looking for in a job, but what other qualities should you be looking for? What qualities make somebody a good employee in general? There are a lot of different qualities that are up for debate as to whether or not they can determine a good employee, but here are a few that are mostly agreed upon that can determine if someone is a good employee or not.


Commitment To The Organization


You would not want to hire an employee only to have him leave the company a few months later. There is more cost associated with this than returns that you are getting out of the employee. You would have the cost of training, the cost of salary, the cost of resources that the employee would use, and many other costs that would come out of hiring a new employee. And before that employee would be able to even make you a decent return on your investment in them, they’d be gone.This is not what any business wants, and the best way to keep this from happening is to look at the new recruit’s work history with past companies. Did they stay at each company very long? Or is there a lot of job hopping? It’s okay for employees to switch companies every once and a while, but for an employee to be switching jobs every few months or even every few years should raise a red flag that they are not committed to any company that they worked with.




While the position that you are hiring for may not be a leadership position, it is always good to look for leadership qualities in a new candidate. Leadership qualities show that a candidate can work well with others, has a good understanding of the job that they are assigned, and will be able to lead in the future if called upon. These are all very important skills to have, and these skills will be beneficial to the business as the employee continues to grow and excel in their position at the business. The employee has better potential for promotion if they can demonstrate leadership in the past, and if the position they are being hired for is one that involves a lot of work with other employees, then leadership is an excellent quality that will help the employee to not only work with other employees, but lead them if needed.


Quality Work


Another factor to look at when considering a new candidate is the quality of their past work. You want to have an employee who will give you the highest quality work possible, an employee that will give you the best return on your investment. So how do you make sure an employee will give you the best work possible? The simplest way is to look at their past work. This may be hard to do since their work was most likely with a different company, but there may be a way to see the outcome of their work. You can try to see how their work had an impact publicly on either the business or the community. For example, if you are recruiting a marketer from a publicly traded company, you can at least see if their marketing efforts had any helpful impact on the finances of the company. If you cannot find a public impact of their work, the next best thing to do is have them give you a demonstration of their work. You can do this by having them work in a simulation setting for a little bit. If we look back to our marketer, we can ask him to write up a quick marketing plan for a product in 20 minutes. This is a very effective way of determining the quality of someone’s work and if their work will be suitable for your company.




Communication is a factor that can make or break a potential employee. It is very important that an employee can talk to both their co-workers and higher ups about anything from issues to achievements. Without communication, an employee becomes isolated from others, which can lead to a decrease in performance. At the same time, lack of communication also keeps the employee from sharing what could be important information with other people in the company. This negative trait has a tendency to disrupt the flow of business and cause a decrease in performance not only of the employee, but of the entire business. So how can you tell if a potential employee struggles with communication? The simplest way is to talk to people at their previous place of employment. These people will most likely be more than happy to discuss with you whether or not the candidate has had trouble communicating in the past, especially considering that the lack of communication most likely resulted in negative performance for the company. Otherwise, you can also attempt to catch the candidate in a lie during the recruiting process. Lying is a large sign of bad communication, and catching someone in a lie is a very good way to tell if they are bad at communication or not. If it is found out that they are bad at communication, this isn’t an automatic disqualifier for the candidate, but it is definitely a large factor to keep in mind.


The Verdict…


None of these factors should be automatic dis-qualifiers on their own. But they should each be taken into account when making the final decision on whether or not to hire a candidate (if all of these factors are negative, that might actually be a dis-qualifier). There are many more factors to look at beyond these, and just because a candidate may not have very good leadership or communication skills might not mean that they wouldn’t be a great fit for the position. It is up to the hiring company to determine what is and isn’t important and to decide of the candidate can excel at their position.