Who To Have On Your Work’s Super Team

It’s no doubt that teams are becoming a bigger and bigger part of organizations. Gone are the assembly line days where employees simply keep their heads down and do their own work with little to no interaction with other employees. Now it is hard to find a job that doesn’t involve collaborating with fellow employees and team members on a day to day business.


Since this is the new norm for workspaces, it only makes sense to take advantage of this team atmosphere and use it to the benefit of your organization. The best way to do this is to build your own super team that will help you achieve your goals better than any other team could. How in the world do you build a super team? You include the following people that will bring your team to new levels.


  • The Data Recorder- This person is the one that captures everyone’s thoughts, ideas, updates, numbers, etc. They can keep topics separated and clear in the recordings while keeping up with their coworkers’ ideas and updates. In an active setting, they can perform the different tasks that need to be done when the team figures out how to solve them. Without the Data Recorder, the outcomes of the team’s work would be unorganized or even non-existent.

  • The Encourager- Obviously this title isn’t nearly as official as the Data Recorder, and the encourager on your team is going to have more tasks than sitting there encouraging people. But it is a definite plus that at least one of your team members on your team also has a natural tendency to encourage and build up others on the team. This especially comes in handy when the team is stuck in a rut and feels like they aren’t accomplishing anything. The encourager keeps spirits up and people going so that the team can accomplish its goals successfully.

  • The Facilitator- Without someone to keep things in order, the team would simply be a big mess of people trying to do different tasks and accomplish different goals without really working together and using their combined strengths. The facilitator makes teamwork a lot easier and a lot smoother by creating schedules and agendas and by keeping teamwork and team meetings on track and on task. The facilitator could be a full time position, such as a coordinator, or it could be the side job of a team member that has other duties as well. Either way, a facilitator is a very important person to have to maximize your team’s work.

  • Creative Thinker- This is a position that is great if it is held by multiple members, but you need at least one on your team. Almost every industry requires some form of creativity in the workplace. Even manufacturing plants are becoming increasingly creative in order to maximize quality and minimize cost. It doesn’t matter if your team is planning, working, or both, you need a creative thinker that can come up with ideas that are outside the box. This is how a lot of problems are solved in the workplace, and how a lot of companies become innovative and differentiate from competitors in their industry. Make sure you have a creative thinker in your corner and your team will brew up unique solutions for any situation.

  • The Researcher- There are many situations where a team is going to have to conduct research in order to overcome a problem, come up with a strategy, learn how to do things more efficiently, and for many other reasons. If everybody is conducting research at the same time, there are many other tasks of the team that will be disregarded, which can be detrimental to the team. Instead it is better to delegate this task to a few people that are skilled in research. When needed, these researchers can hop on their computers, access their databases, and find out the facts the team needs to know in order to complete their tasks. Researchers are very important to the team, so it is important that those that are assigned to being researchers should be skilled in conducting research.

  • The Leader- This is the most important position on the team by far. All of the other positions on the team that I have discussed thus far would not perform very well without a leader. The data recorder wouldn’t know whose ideas to record, the facilitator wouldn’t know what to schedule a meeting for, and the researcher wouldn’t know what idea they should conduct research for. The leader is the one who knows the situation, knows what needs to be done, and guides the team to accomplishing what needs to be done. The other team members look up to the leader to guide them and to know which way the team needs to move. The leader is able to help each person in each position even if they aren’t a specialist in that position. You may be the leader, you may be looking for a leader, you may have a leader already picked out. Whichever situation you’re in, make sure your leader is one that can lead the team closer to its goals of accomplishing the task at hand.