Should I Pursue A Career In A New Industry?

Many people come to a point in their career where they begin to consider a shift in their career. For some people, that is a promotion. For others, that is retirement. But there are many who begin to consider a change in industries. Bankers will become realtors, managers will become police officers, and chefs will become chauffeurs. For some, the choice to switch industries is easy. But for others, it is a long and difficult decision that requires in depth thought and analysis. So what exactly are some points that should be considered when thinking about switching industries?


Assuming that you have already determined that this is an industry you would enjoy working in, the first point to consider is the status of your new job. Depending on what your position was in your former industry, most likely you will have to take a cut in both pay and ranking. For example, a police chief who decides to go into banking may have to start out as a teller. A manager at a department store will have to start out as a laborer if they are looking to get into the construction industry. This cut in job status is entirely due to a lack of knowledge and experience in the industry. Thankfully, these are qualities that can be built up over time with an organization in your desired industry. If you’re willing to stick it out for a few years in a lesser role, you will most likely move up in both status and compensation in your desired industry.


A second point to consider when thinking about getting into a new industry is how much you actually know about that industry. A lot of people think it’d be awesome to be a pilot until they figure out how much pressure and stress is associated with position. A lot of people would love to become a professional football player but could not fathom the amount of training and dedication that goes into accomplishing this goal, not to mention the impact on your body as a result of football. If there is an industry that you think would be amazing to work in, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. It is almost always the case that the industry you dream about is not all roses, and there may even be some negative factors that deter you from desiring a position in that industry.


An excellent point that is often overlooked is asking yourself a very simple question: why do I want to get out of the industry that I’m in? Do I hate my current job? Am I seeing no chances for promotion? Am I struggling to perform in my current industry? A lot of times, people will realize that the reason that they want to leave their industry is actually rather small and easily fixable. It should also be noted that this isn’t always the case, and a lot of people actually have a legitimate reason to leave their industry that can not be easily fixed. If you are considering changing industries, just make sure to ask yourself that simple question of why? You’ll discover that the reason you want to leave is either easily fixable or bad enough to confirm your decision to switch industries.


The final point that I believe you should consider when switching industries are your loved ones. More specifically, how this change is going to affect not only you but your family and friends. If you have a wife and kids, taking a job in an industry that requires you to travel for half of the year may not be the best move. In that same situation, taking a job in an industry that does pay well will have an effect on your finances for your family. Perhaps the industry you want to get into has positions available only in California, but you’re from Michigan and don’t know anybody out in California. Do you really want to leave all of your friends and everybody you know to move to the other side of the country for what you believe is a desired position? Some people are perfectly fine with this scenario and would be more than happy to take the job across the country. Many others though are not as pleased with this situation and should take the time to consider whether or not it’s worth it to leave everyone they know. So as you consider that move to a new industry, consider what impact it will have on your family and friends and if that impact is worth it to work in your desired industry.


All of these points that I have presented may sound like they have a negative tone to them, but they are far from that. They are simply points to consider, and in fact can be seen as confirmations that this new industry is the industry for you. If you can consider all of these points and still confirm that you want a position in this new industry, then there’s nothing that can stop you!