When a recruiting firm is the right choice for your hiring process

Let’s face it, the hiring process is a daunting and stressful task for any organization. Trying to find the perfect candidate that will excel in their position seems like a nearly impossible feat and can sometimes take months for an organization to complete. The more responsibility a position holds, the harder it is to find qualified candidates, let alone candidates that you believe will excel. Thankfully, recruiting firms can come into play to help relieve a lot of the pressure of the hiring process. The question is, when should you make the decision to hire a recruiting firm?


The best indicator of whether or not to hire a recruiting firm is if the position is specialized. What I mean by this is if the position requires qualifications that only a small percentage of the population hold. Some examples include public accountants, commercial lenders, heart surgeons and marketing managers. Since such a small percentage of the population qualify for these positions, it makes the task of finding qualified candidates very difficult for the organization. This is where a recruiting firm can step in. Most recruiting firms are specialized in certain industries such as banking and the medical field, and thus have connections within these industries. They know the ins and outs of the industry and who to talk to to find not only a qualified candidate, but a candidate that will go above and beyond for the organization.


To go along with a specialized position, organizations should also consider whether or not the position is a highly paid position. There is a lot of risk in paying an employee a high salary, only to receive lackluster effort and dismal returns. The organization is not receiving the proper returns on this investment and is actually losing money, the complete opposite of what you want your investment to do for you. To go along with a failed investment, the employee will most likely have to be fired and the hiring process will have to start all over again. Thankfully, a recruiting firm can help you avoid this issue. Recruiting firms specialize in not only finding candidates, but finding the right candidates. Recruiters do there homework and make sure that they are finding their clients the best candidates around; candidates that will succeed and excel at their position and prove their worth as a proper investment. In fact, hear for yourself what a recruiting firm can do for an organization through some Harrison Gray client testimonials by clicking here.


Perhaps you’ve been trying to recruit on your own for your own business, but with no luck. It’s been a few weeks, perhaps even a few months, and you just can’t find that right candidate. Time is precious, and that unfilled position could be losing you money by the minute. Would you want to take the risk of continuing to recruit on your own with the possibility of not finding the right candidate? Or perhaps a better idea is to quicken this process and bring in some professionals. Combining large networks and the resources to heavily recruit, recruiting firms not only deliver high quality candidates, but they deliver them with speed. When an unfulfilled position is losing you money, speed is what you need. Many recruiting firms have been known to find the right candidate just days after signing to recruit for a new client. This is just a few of the many luxuries you receive when you hire a recruiting firm; speed and efficiency.


The final point I would like to discuss when considering whether you should hire a recruiting firm is risk. More appropriately, risk in choosing the wrong candidate on your own. While I touched on risk when I mentioned the specialization of the position, there is a lot more that comes into play when discussing the risk of hiring the wrong candidate. For example, there is the risk that the candidate is known for job hopping and could easily leave their position within the first year. There’s the risk that the candidate has had improper training in areas of their profession that could be detrimental to their performance. There is even the risk that the candidate has had disciplinary issues in the past. Unfortunately, most businesses that are not recruiting firms do not have the time or resources to dig deep and uncover some of these negative traits. This is where a recruiting firm comes into play. Possessing both time and resources along with expertise, recruiting firms have the ability to figure out the good and the bad that comes along with a candidate and if there is a trait that makes them too risky. This not only saves the client time from conducting this analysis on a candidate, but also increases the quality of the candidates that the recruiting firm actually does submit to the client.


While these points are very important when considering whether you should hire a recruiting firm, they are only a few drops in a pool of points you should consider. Whatever decision you may come to, always remember the benefits and luxuries that come with hiring a recruiting firm. Do you think your organization is ready to work with a recruiting firm? Fill out our form here to get started with Harrison Gray.