Resume Review

Did you know the average resume is only reviewed in a matter of seconds? Before you send your resume to a recruiter, HR Director or upload it to any site, make sure it is completely ready (This is for a traditional resume, there are some exceptions where more creative or lengthy resumes may be appropriate)!


10 Mistakes We See on Resumes


  • Make sure it looks nice - Your resume should look clean and organized (Ex: Bullets line up, appropriate spacing, etc.).

  • Spelling/Grammar - Run Spell Check at the very least before sending a resume!

  • Watch where the page splits - Is it an awkward place to change pages? If so, change the margins so it flows better.

  • Keep it simple and clean - Make sure there are no more than two font styles.

  • All black font - There are exceptions to this, but it is much easier to read when it is written in one dark color.

  • Temporary/Contract roles - If you've worked a short assignment as a contractor be sure that it is stated (Ex: (Contract) 12/2016-12/2017), otherwise this can appear as "job-hopping".

  • Keywords - Your resume should reflect the job you are applying for.  Ex: If account management is required, does your experience jump off the page? Tip: Search your resume for all the keywords you are required to have.

  • Keep it short - Again, there are exceptions to this rule, but your resume should rarely be more than two pages long. Bullet descriptions under jobs read much cleaner than paragraphs.

  • Dates - Make sure you list the months on your resume, which especially applies to jobs during the past 10-15 years.

  • Past tense vs. Present tense  - When listing responsibilities under your current position, make sure to use present tense (Ex: Communicate daily with clients); in previous roles, responsibilities should be in past tense (Ex: Communicated daily with clients).

- Brittney