5 Ways To Make Yourself More Marketable To Businesses

Searching for a new job can be a daunting and stressful task. You find yourself questioning if your resume really stands out, how large the applicant field is, and especially if this is truly the right job for you. While those last two points have to remain unanswered on our end, we can provide you with tips on how to make your resume and more importantly yourself stand out in the application process.


Here are 5 ways that you can make yourself more marketable for future job opportunities.



You have most definitely heard this one over and over again. But it’s number one on our list for a reason; experience is key. It’s what determines if an employer even considers your resume or not. It’s a basic factor that can separate you from literally thousands of other applicants. So how exactly can you build the experience necessary to qualify for your dream job?


The key is to obtain a starting position. For example, if you are looking to obtain a Sales Manager position, you will have to start out in a lower position in sales. If you are looking to be the head coach of a football team, you’re going to have to start out as an assistant coach or lower. It is not your dream job at the moment, but it will help you obtain your dream job in the near future.


It is also important to stay at that position for a consistent amount of time. It is better to have five years of experience at one organization rather than five years of experience at several organizations. Employers like to see that you are able to stay with an organization for a long period of time, a trait that they are most likely looking for in a candidate.



There are many positions that require certification in order to perform the duties for that position. However, having certifications that aren’t required for the position but are relatable to it can make you much more marketable to that employer. For example, a marketing position will most likely not require one to be certified in Google Analytics. However, having that certification will make that candidate even more appealing to the employer as the candidate possesses skills that can be useful in the position.



As with certification, there are some positions that require employees to be bilingual, such as a Spanish Immersion Teacher or a Translator. This is not the case for many positions however, and most employers are not expecting to meet anybody with such a fascinating skill.


So what makes bilingualism so marketable? The fact that you have the ability to communicate with an entire group of people that many others cannot communicate with. This is a huge advantage, especially considering how diverse the United States and other countries are becoming. Many employers realize this, and see the value in somebody that can speak multiple languages, especially popular languages such as Spanish and Chinese.


Position Relevant Skills

Skills relevant to the position may seem as obvious as experience, but few people take time to actually consider what skills could be beneficial in their dream position. Most people tend to communicate the obvious skills needed to perform in a position such as leadership, proficiency in the necessary software, and so on. But if you take time to think about it, you most likely possess a number of different skills that will be beneficial in the position.


For example, if you are applying for a management position in the leather industry, wouldn’t it be beneficial to mention that you have an in-depth knowledge of the leather industry? Or if you are applying for a position in accounting, mentioning that you are familiar with numerous accounting practices may be beneficial as you will be able to work with other accountants who may have different accounting practices.


These skills can even be the deciding factor between two candidates for a position. If two candidates are pretty evenly matched in all of the qualifications for a position, but one has a skill that will benefit them in that position, wouldn’t the recruiter choose the candidate with the beneficial skill? Building these skills can set you apart from the competition during a job hunt.



Last but definitely not least is your education. Obviously, in order to qualify for a position you need the necessary experience, which in most cases is a Bachelor’s degree. But imagine applying for one of these jobs with a Master’s degree, or even a Doctoral degree! That will put you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, especially if you combine that with relevant experience. You’ll be an unstoppable force, able to obtain nearly any job you desire.


Does mean that if you’re out of school, going back to school full time? Definitely not. What I am instead implying is taking advantage of flexible classes that you can work into your schedule. Night classes and online classes are great examples of flexible classes that will help build you up to that degree; a degree that will open even more doors than before and open you up to careers that you never even dreamed were possible.